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Success Stories

AixPath GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of turn-key and custom-tailored software solutions in the area of production technology. We design flexible and functional integrated solutions to revolutionize our customers ‘business ideas in their production environment. To open new way of technology in market and to boost your business revenues we provide our software development services from concept-to-code and development-to-deployment. Our solutions cover different manufacturing technologies and support a broad spectrum of machine hardware. We also develop embedded systems in order to fully integrate our solutions. Our area of expertise covers the process chain of a broad variety of applications and allows us to develop solutions for CAD, CAM, simulation, third-party software integration and postprocessing on a single platform.

Our software integration engineers are competent to support and overcome challenges of our customers from the development of design to testing in their assembly by their proficiency in different subtractive and additive technologies, e.g., milling, grinding, waterjet cutting, PBF, FDM and SLS.

Since over a decade we are Siemens Development partner and provide our solutions as Siemens NX PlugIns, SolidWorks AddIns or Stand-Alone. Together with our customers we continuously implement turn-key production solutions since 2013.

Off-the-Shelf Products

Machine Control Software (MCSW)

The machine builders for additive manufacturing (AM) must provide systems that are robust, easy to operate, and economical to purchase and maintain. For a persistent application of laser powder bed fusion L-PBF AM machines must be flexible to adopt to advanced materials and new sets of innovative part designs.

Siemens DI has a wide range of automation and digitalization systems for machine builders for AM. Systems for L-PBF are being enhanced by AIXPATH’s new MCSW – Machine Control Software. MCSW is developed in close cooperation between Siemens and AIXPATH. The software provides machine builders of AM a flexible way to develop control software of 3D printers for metal, polymers, and other specialized materials. MCSW bridges gaps for end users in their CAD-to-Part chain and significantly reduces efforts for machine builders in software engineering. Read More

Machine Control Software (MCSW)
Flexible Robot Automation

Flexible Robot Solutions

Our services for development and commission of flexible robot cells provides all means to plan and implement flexible production processes. AIXPATH software solution support programming and simulation of multiple robots, combinations of rail and rotation table. We provide a plug-and play integration of peripherals into the robot control.

Our process experts are available to support you during planning and optimization of your robot-based manufacturing processes. Our solutions provide you with production ready robot programs. Read More

LAM – Laser Additive Manufacturing Siemens NX-PlugIn

AixPath integrated ModuleWorks CAM module into Siemens NX as a PlugIn. The software package comes with a configurable post-processor for different machines and controls and allows seamless use of other functions of Siemens NX. The Laser Additive PlugIn supports wire- and powder-based DED processes and offers a broad functional range in terms of process configuration and optimization for certain machine types. Read More

Success Stories

Control Integration – Tornos

In order to investigate and develop solutions to overcome the challenges of new requirements, Tornos invited the experts from research and development and industry to collaborate on the development of their advanced machine tool model. The focus of the collaborative developments was to extend the functionalities of the machine tool programming software TISIS and enhancements of data structures which should also be supported by selected Fanuc machine tool. The objective of these enhancements is to realize the simultaneous 5-axis machining process through the movement of rotary machine tool axes both in interpolated and non-interpolated modes. These advances have enabled Tornos machine tools to support simultaneous multi axis turning as well as multi axis milling along with the traditional Swiss type machining in the same machine tool. Read More.

EOSPrint Integration – EOS

AixPath GmbH has collaborated with EOS GmbH, Germany, to offer an integrated AM-planning environment and build processor for EOS metal AM machines.

The developed plugin provides a well-established, integrated data preparation suite in Siemens NX capable of communicating directly with EOS machines inside the ethernet-based machine network. Within Siemens NX CAD-data for a build job is prepared directly transferred to the EOS build processor. Combined with a broad set of simulations options available inside Siemens NX and a user-centered workflow the integrated plugin supports the user and operator interactively on the way to succeeding in ‘First Time Right’ from CAD to part. Read More

HSAR: High-speed adaptive roughing – The Boeing Company

Together with The Boeing Company, AixPath developed a Siemens NX PlugIn for the high-speed adaptive roughing of single blades out of a bar stock. The provided software solution allows to minimize tool wear over the course of the manufacturing process and allows the generation of a tool path with constant cutting conditions during tool engagement with different materials. Read More.

Automated Blade-Repair

AixPath developed the iBeRep-PlugIn for Siemens NX. It is currently being used in the area of turbo machinery manufacturing for repair and refurbishment. iBeRep provides laser path planning for an additive DED repair process of damaged turbo machinery components. The software provides functionalities for patch repair as well as complete build up of the part geometry. It is fully integrated into Siemens NX and provides a sophisticated laser machine simulation as well as NC commands for laser control during post-processing. Read More.

Call Us : +49 (241) 9978 3350