Investigation of calibration patterns for robot-based galvanometer laser scanning applications

Master Thesis Engineering
Posted 9 months ago


Costs of laser sources have decreased drastically over time and weight of processing heads has done as well. Therefore robot based, highly flexible laser material processing systems could enable cost-efficient lot-size one manufacturing. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. Readily available robotic systems are not yet accurate enough. They are not optimized for laser material
processing. At the Digital Photonic Production group at the Chair for Laser Technology together with Aixpath GmbH, we are building prototypical novel kinematic systems for laser material processing, developing custom algorithmic solutions and process specific sensor concepts.

Scope of the Thesis

Laser galvanometer scanner offer highly dynamic manipulation of laser spot position, which we want to use to compensate robot inaccuracies during motion. To accurately do so, scanner need to be regularly calibrated due to our combination with a six-axis robot and resulting position changes. Scope of the available thesis is the analysis and experimental testing of state-of-the-art laser scanner calibration patterns and the use of different imaging systems. Goal
is to analyze influence of these parameters on the calibration result and enable system-integrated calibration.
Tasks include:

  1. Literature review on laser scanner calibration methods.
  2. Programming of the laser scanner motion and image processing.
  3. Experimental testing and comparison of different calibration patterns.


You study an engineering subject at the faculty of mechanical and are keen on working together with a group of students and PhD students on robot-based laser material processing?

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